An Infection

Life is very busy. It is moving at the speed of light. It is a race, where, if you u lose your focus, there you go, YOUR OUT!
Whenever i get time to look up from the too-occupied desk of my life, to whats happening around me, there are some people who never fail to amaze(or amuse) me.
These are the ones who are far lagging behind in the race. They are the ‘out’ ones. They hardly care about the race, if at all. They, however, remind me of some ground realities.
These people, who i am refering to, the ‘out’ ones, they are too consumed in their day to day petty issues, their short-run goals, their indian soap-opera look alike lives, they just dont have anything else (anything productive) going on for them
They are in a constant pursuit to pull each others’ legs. They have one aim: to prove others wrong, to prove oneself right.
They will be occupied in the fabrication of schemes that comes to the benefit of none.
I blame the culture, the upbringing and the LACK OF EDUCATION for such (a viral) infection in our society.

I am a strong believer of ‘progressing as a nation’, but when the seeds are infected, little can you expect of the tree itself.

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