How mortal has won immortality

Man is born mortal. There is a destined time for him.

But will death mean an end to everything? Everything he ever was, everything he has ever been?

Yes, it IS the end for all those who have considered themselves mortal all along. However,  f0r the few exceptions, who begged to differ, mortality does not hold true.

Steve Jobs die at the age of 56.
Did he live a mortal life?

Jobs will remain immortal.

How? With a revolution inside, he revolutionised every possible corner of the world. His works have triggered a new era in technology. He will remain an inspiration for millions and millions.

The same is true for personalities like Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and many others.

They tell us the formulae of immortality; belief, talent, hard work and brevity.

They tell us a story of a life that is worth it!


2 comments on “How mortal has won immortality

  1. Really depends on how you perceive death. For Jobs, it was a mortal life. For us, he lives on.
    However, I would beg to differ to the fact that he triggered ‘a new era in technology’.

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